ZenBusiness Review 2024: Pros, Cons, & Pricing

Founded in Texas in 2015, ZenBusiness has been instrumental in assisting numerous business owners in establishing their companies successfully. The online landscape is filled with testimonials from satisfied customers, highlighting ZenBusiness’s credibility and expertise as a reliable formation service.ZenBusiness provides comprehensive support for every aspect of successful business incorporation and the ensuing legal obligations. Key features include a registered agent service, EIN acquisition, CPA assessments, and a Worry-Free Compliance guarantee. Additionally, their Premium plan offers website building options.

Meeting these requirements ensures full compliance with state regulations. You can trust ZenBusiness to handle all legal responsibilities, allowing you peace of mind and confidence in their capable hands.In our detailed analysis, we will delve into ZenBusiness’s various features, pricing structure, strengths, and potential weaknesses.

ZenBusiness has facilitated the seamless registration of our startup as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and this convenient option extends to various other business structures. In addition to LLCs, ZenBusiness supports the formation of S and C corporations, general partnerships, DBAs (Doing Business As), sole proprietorships, and nonprofit organizations.

The features and services provided by ZenBusiness are consistent across these diverse business types. Without delay, let’s delve into a detailed exploration of the most crucial offerings.

Registered Agent Service

The registered agent plays a crucial role in managing all legal responsibilities for your business, ranging from receiving tax notifications to handling compliance documentation. Their pivotal function includes accepting service of process and notifying you of any impending lawsuits against your company.

While anyone, including yourself, can serve as your company’s registered agent, it is strongly recommended to enlist the services of a professional registered agent. This choice allows you to delegate administrative tasks, freeing up your time to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Remarkably, ZenBusiness sets itself apart by providing a reliable registered agent service as an inclusive feature with all of their plans—a rarity in this type of service.

Employer ID Number (EIN)

Commonly known as the Tax ID Number, the Employer Identification Number (EIN) serves a role for your company similar to what the Social Security Number (SSN) does for individuals. This 9-digit number, assigned by the IRS, grants your company legal capabilities such as opening a bank account, hiring employees, and safeguarding personal assets.

While you have the option to apply for an EIN independently, opting for ZenBusiness’s Pro or Premium plan alleviates the hassle of navigating the process yourself. With this service, ZenBusiness takes care of obtaining your EIN on your behalf, and once ready, you promptly receive it in a digital format.

Operating Agreement

ZenBusiness includes an operating agreement template with all their packages, recognizing the fundamental importance of this document in establishing the rules that govern your company. The operating agreement serves as a foundational tool, providing the necessary framework and structure essential for the growth of your business.

This document delineates key aspects such as the leadership structure of the company, outlines procedures for owner exits, and establishes a clear separation between personal assets and the liabilities of the business. In essence, the operating agreement is a vital tool for defining and regulating various aspects of your company’s operations.

ZenBusiness Pricing

ZenBusiness offers three distinct pricing plans tailored to meet various business needs. Let’s delve into the key features of each plan:

1. Starter Plan – $49 + state fees:

  • Preparation and filing for LLC or Corporation
  • Name Availability Search
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Online Document Access
  • Special Credit Card Offer
  • Statement of Organizer (only for LLC)
  • Free Accounting Consultation
  • Virtual Business Guide
  • Registered agent
  • Operating Agreement Template (only for LLC)
  • Corporate Bylaws (only for Corporation)
  • Google Ads Credit
  • Standard Filing Speed

Note: This plan renews at $129/year after the first year, with the free registered agent service valid only for the initial year.

2. Pro Plan – $249 + state fees:

  • Includes all features of the Starter plan
  • Expedite Filing Speed
  • Banking Resolution Template
  • Business Document Templates Library
  • Employer ID Number
  • Worry-Free Compliance (Annual Report)

3. Premium Plan – $349 + state fees:

  • Includes all features of the Pro plan
  • Rush Filing Speed
  • Business Website
  • Business Domain Name
  • Domain Name Privacy
  • Business Email Address

The Starter Plan provides excellent value, offering features that are often priced $50-$100 higher on other platforms. The Pro Plan adds additional perks like expedited filing and business document templates. The Premium Plan, while the most expensive, includes comprehensive services such as a business website, domain name, and email address.

In conclusion, ZenBusiness’s pricing plans cater to a range of business requirements, providing valuable features at competitive prices. The plans offer flexibility for businesses to choose the level of services that best align with their needs and budget.

Pros of ZenBusiness:

  1. User-Friendly Platform: ZenBusiness is known for its easy navigation, making the business formation process accessible to users of varying levels of expertise.
  2. Swift Service: The platform offers exceptionally fast service, ensuring that users can efficiently navigate the incorporation process without unnecessary delays.
  3. Affordable Pricing: ZenBusiness provides cost-effective pricing, which is a rarity in the business formation space. This affordability makes it an attractive option for small-business owners.
  4. Technology and Automation: The use of technology and automation allows ZenBusiness to deliver faster turnaround times compared to its competitors, streamlining the entire process.
  5. Transparent Pricing: ZenBusiness maintains transparency in its pricing structure, ensuring that users are well-informed and won’t encounter unexpected costs during the business formation process.
  6. Customer Support: The support team at ZenBusiness is praised for using simplified language and a friendly approach. Users can reach out for assistance through email, chat, and phone, receiving accurate responses in a timely manner.
  7. Registered Agent Service: ZenBusiness includes a registered agent service with each pricing plan, effectively managing and communicating all legal, tax, and other important documents.
  8. Compliance Management: ZenBusiness helps maintain a consistently good standing with the Secretary of State, reducing the risk of unnecessary penalties or repercussions.

Cons of ZenBusiness:

  1. Perceived Lack of Experience: As a relatively young company, some individuals might perceive ZenBusiness’s youth as a potential drawback, approaching its services with greater caution due to perceived lack of experience.
  2. Limited Customer Support Hours: Customer support is available only during business hours and not on Saturdays, which may be inconvenient for users who require assistance outside standard working hours.


In conclusion, our extensive research and testing of ZenBusiness have led us to confidently affirm that it meets and exceeds our criteria. This service stands out for its simplicity, transparency, and high-quality offerings.

The key takeaway from our analysis is the importance of choosing the pricing plan that aligns best with your specific requirements. While the instinct may be to opt for the Starter plan for cost savings, it’s crucial to consider whether the additional features provided by the Pro or Premium plans will be needed in the future. For businesses with existing domain names and websites, the Pro plan may emerge as the most optimal choice.

In summary, ZenBusiness emerges as one of the most advanced services, providing a seamless experience for establishing a company from the ground up. We trust that our article has provided the necessary insights to assist you in your quest for the best business formation service. Best of luck on your business journey!

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